School Closures

Sometimes the school has to take a decision to close because of bad weather conditions. A large number of students arrive by school bus or coach. On extreme weather mornings we contact the bus operators and may be told that they will not be running a service because of safety concerns. Their decision is usually indicative of the state of the roads which will affect students and staff travelling by car, particularly those from a distance. We also try to act in line with other local secondary schools, but our students are from a wider catchment area and so are more dependent on the bus services.

When a decision to close is made, we immediately inform Warwickshire County Council School Closures service. The information usually appears on their website within 20 minutes. We update our school website and send out email alerts.

Where to get information:

  • You may register with the WCC for a free text alert service at You can use this to get alerts for up to 3 different schools about closures. Setting up the account needs to be in advance of closure days and if you set this up last year, you will need to do it again this academic year.
  • You can follow tweets from @wccschoolclosed (become a follower online at ).
  • You may access the LA website that will list all schools that are closed. Click on the link to Schools & Learning pages, then the link School Closures SMS Alerts – sign up. This page has a link to all schools that are currently closed.
  • There will be an alert message clearly stated on the front page of the front page of this website.
    We would expect this to be possible by around 7am.
  • We will attempt to send out an e-mail but this will depend on software working away from school.
  • Local Radio stations have access to the school closures site but cannot be relied upon to mention all schools.
  • The stations to listen to are:
    • BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 94.8FM, 103.7 FM, 104 FM
    • Free Radio 97 & 102.9 FM
    • Free Radio Birmingham 96.4FM & Capital Gold 1152 AM
    • Heart FM 100.7 FM
    • Touch FM 102.0 FM
    • Rugby FM 107.1 FM
    • Touch Radio FM 107.3 FM