RE Inspection (Section 48) Report

Main Finding

In its self-evaluation Trinity judges itself to be a good Catholic school in all aspects of its work. This judgement is accurate in most areas, though the inspection team found that some aspects of provision, within lessons and collective worship, require improvement at this time. The school has not fully implemented the recommendations of the previous Section 48 inspection, with too few opportunities for, and regular monitoring and evaluation of, collective worship. However, since the appointment of the current principal in 2012, a new leadership structure has been introduced and a faculty system implemented. A strong senior leadership team is now in place, all sharing a clear understanding of the detailed plans and timescales for sustained and quickening improvement. Management will need to maintain support and professional development for the recently-appointed lead teacher of RE. Governors know the school well and provide support and good oversight, though greater rigour and challenge would better support the school’s progress. The priests and lay chaplain provide significant support for Catholic life and wider pastoral involvement, trying to overcome the logistical difficulties for whole-school collective worship. Pupils speak with real enthusiasm about the school. There is an extensive evidence base for the quality and value of Catholic life. The internal judgements of teaching over time are secure, though assessment for learning and  marking procedures require greater consistency and focus to ensure accurate challenge for all pupils. The principal has begun a programme of outreach work with local primary schools and the wider community which is beginning to bear fruit.