Centrally driven educational reforms have delivered nothing short of a revolution in our schools.   A greater focus on what is deemed the ‘core’ curriculum has meant that many schools are being forced to dismiss as ‘second tier’ subjects like Design Technology, Art, Drama and Music.  As the only state school with a faith character in central Warwickshire, Trinity Catholic School is very aware the need to maintain the values of faith education that have made these schools so successful.  These subjects are key to a good Catholic education – one that enables a broad, balanced curriculum, focuses on care for the marginalised, and aims to develop character and resilience.

Trinity Catholic School is committed to delivering a curriculum that will allow our students to make a productive contribution as leaders in an ever changing global community. Trinity’s unique offer is built around a holistic view of education and a realisation that all students require a curriculum that delivers high quality academic outcomes and is complemented with an emphasis on character building and skill/competency development. We know that by adopting the view that the curriculum should be balanced, personalised and holistic we have an approach that is innovative, in the interest of the individual and will be accepted as best practice in the years to come.

As a local school, we seek local input.  Members of our close and wider community are invited to Trinity Catholic School for an information sharing evening on Wednesday, 21 October from 6-7 pm.  This is a valuable opportunity for parents to inform the academic pathway for their children.  We do hope you can join us.

Chris Gabbett NPQH, FRSA