Design Technology

The centre clearly has high expectations of their candidates who responded with creativity and enthusiasm.” AQA feedback.

At Trinity we encourage students to realise that Design has the potential to solve problems and improve lives. We encourage creativity and ask students to observe and reflect upon the needs of the world and to apply their knowledge to design and make products that make a positive difference to the world around them. We also encourage students to challenge accepted views of consumer culture and think about the impact they have upon the world around them and the positive difference they can make. We explore recycling, repair, re-designing to reduce waste and encourage discussion of the social impacts of design and consumer society.

We support the development of student’s designs and making skills, in a range of materials recognising the value of each other’s ideas, working together safely to develop practical skills and celebrating the achievements of each student. Students find the projects within the department challenging but rewarding.

We offer GCSE courses in Product Design, Food Technology, Fashion and Textiles. Students have the option to specialise in one or more of these areas at GCSE and continue studies in Fashion or Product design through to A level.

The department is equipped with a wide range of computer aided design and manufacture facilities which allow students to gain experience of modern manufacturing technology alongside traditional hand crafts. Woodturning, hand embroidery and drawing skills are taught alongside computer aided design, computer controlled embroidery, laser cutting and manufacture. Throughout our courses we encourage students to explore a wide range of materials and develop a personal style and confidence in their ability to design and make.

As a department we also provide online support for students, news of events and relevant design information and sites. This is available at

Fashion and Textiles is taught passionately and creatively at Trinity. In KS3, boys and girls are taught how to get to grips with the sewing machine, and
undergo a number of fun projects that incorporate hand sewing, machine sewing and decoration techniques. Fashion and textiles are not the only aspects of DT in KS3: you will also have the opportunity to try out product design, woodwork and food technology. This system gives you an introduction to all of the DT subjects, and allows you to make an informed
decision on what specific area you might want to take on to GCSE and beyond. DT at higher levels is all about you, with the department helping you find your own unique twist in design and construction.

Sophie – Year 13