Media Studies

Media Studies is taught at GCSE and A level. 2016 results: A* -> C: 53%

Students investigate the world of the mass media through examination of TV, cinema, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising and their audiences and producers. Along with this there is the chance for practical experience using digital photography and publishing, video and film production and animation.

In year 10 GCSE we work on two coursework projects, each involving both written and practical components. These will cover the key concepts of the subject: Media Language, Audiences, Representations and Institutions
Year 11 is devoted to a major practical production with associated written components, planning and research, and preparation for the summer exam. (TV News in 2015 and Science Fiction Film in 2016). Students have a choice from projects in print, animation or video, covering topics such as non-commercial advertising, film marketing and TV drama.

In the application of moving-image Media Studies has a strong association with the Art Department and works with students using this discipline in a Fine Art context. We have done some truly original and imaginative work in this field.

Evening sessions are Monday and Thursday unless there is another school event.

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