Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides support in and outside of the classroom for students with identified Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) on a daily basis. The level of this support is determined by an ‘Education Health Care Plan’ (EHCP) or a high need under the category of ‘SEN School Support’.

Provision by the Teaching Assistant (TA) Team is mainly focused on supporting the teacher in class; to deliver quality teaching to all students and to make the necessary adjustments and differentiation to help them to meet students’ needs so that all are able to access learning and to make progress.

Allocation of TA support is based on a number of factors including; individual students’ needs and on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.  However, support is provided in many other subject areas (where appropriate) to meet an individual student’s needs or that of a whole class, particularly where practical activities require additional help or where students will struggle in subjects with heavier literacy demands.

As a team, we pride ourselves on promoting independence and will work towards this aim through small steps and by using a variety of approaches including one to one, small group or whole class support.  We have a large team of Teaching Assistants with a great deal of experience, knowledge and skills. In addition to in class support, the team offers wider academic and personal, social skills support for a range of our young people.

Intervention programmes and small group sessions targeted to develop study skills or personal, social skills have been developed under the guidance of specialist teachers or through specific training.  Each intervention is delivered by trained Teaching Assistants, usually with a small group once a week for 6 -10 weeks during KS3. The range of interventions evolves year on year with the deployment of our dedicated Teaching Assistants in response to the needs of the students in our community.

For example the range of targeted interventions that may be available:

  • Enhanced KS2-3 transition visits, events and planning including gradual integration plans
  • KS2-3 Literacy and Numeracy teaching in a bespoke Learning Support classroom
  • Homework and Exam preparation support
  • Fresh Start Literacy
  • Reading, spelling and handwriting sessions
  • Functional numeracy support sessions
  • Friendship Programme and/ or ASC Intervention – Active Social Communicators
  • KS3 Emotional Resilience and Mentoring
  • Exam Access Arrangements;
  • Lunchtime – supervised quiet safe spaces
  • Dyslexia Screening/ Literacy skills Groups
  • English as an Additional Language; coordinated support provided in class, in a small group and one to one as well as promoting social inclusion in line with the school EAL policy;
  • Referral for specialist mentoring; input from our school counsellor or an external specialist agency.

As a department, we work across the curriculum and year groups in collaboration with Heads of Year (HoY), Heads of Department (HOD), teachers and support staff for positive academic and pastoral outcomes for our students.  We also work in liaison with external agencies providing; educational assessment, training on specific disabilities and learning difficulties, career planning, signposting for family support, programmes to promote self esteem, positive behaviour and attendance at school.

Trinity Catholic School; Peter’s Place

Peter’s Place is a small Local Authority Resourced Provision hosted by the school for students with an EHCP and who have a primary need of Communication and Interaction where severe anxiety is the barrier to attending an education setting.  This has a separate referral process through the High Needs Panel held by Warwickshire’s SEND Assessment and Reviewing Service (SENDAR).  This is usually placed by a students’ current school SENCO or a specialist SEN provision service.

Please see the SEN information report and our Provision map for more information on SEN&D:

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Documents linked to the SEND report are:

Admissions Policy 2018-2019 

Admissions Timetable 2019

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-2021


Warwickshire SEND website

Warwickshire SEND and Inclusion Strategy


The Learning Support Team


Mrs Price (SENCo/ Head of Learning Support & Lead for Peter’s Place)

Mr Lignier (KS2-3 SEN Transition)

Mr France (Peter’s Place; SEN Resourced Provision)

Teaching Assistant Leaders:

Mrs Chamberlain (HLTA for KS2-3 Transition)

Mrs Holmes (SEN Specialist Learning Mentor)

Ms Whordley (HLTA)

Ms Carter (Lead TA for Peter’s Place)

Mrs Healy (HLTA)

Mrs McNab (HLTA)


Teaching Assistants:

Miss Hushon

Mrs Barrero Castaneda

Mrs Stacey

Mrs Meguer

Mrs Pajak

Mrs Glasock

Mr Wilkes


The Wider Inclusion Team includes:

Mr Alton (Deputy Principal for Inclusion and Pastoral Care)

Each Head of Year from Year 7 through to Year 11

Mrs Hayden (Assistant Principal for KS2-4 Transition)

Ms Crossman (Inclusion Coordinator)