Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides support in class for students on the SEN register on a daily basis. This is determined by a Statement of Educational Need or an identified need at School Action or School Action Plus. Support in class is mainly focused on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. However, support is provided in many other subject areas (where appropriate) to meet an individual student’s needs or that of a whole class, particularly where practical activities require additional help or where students with literacy difficulties may struggle.

As a team, we pride ourselves on promoting independence and will work towards this aim through small steps and by using a variety of approaches including one to one, small group or whole class support.

We have a large team of Teaching Assistants with a great deal of experience, knowledge and skills. In addition to in class support, the team offers wider support for all young people, not just those on the SEN register.This support and intervention packages are in line with the school’s inclusion policy. For example:

  • Homework/ Coursework support;
  • ASC Intervention
  • KS3 Mentoring and Behaviour management
  • Exam Access Arrangements;
  • Key Stage 3 Pastoral and Academic Intervention;
  • Key Stage 4 Pastoral and Academic Intervention;
  • ASDAN at KS4;
  • Personal Social Development (PSD) qualification
  • Extended Work Experience Placements
  • Key Stage 3 Study Skills Groups;
  • Dyslexia Groups and one to one tuition;
  • We are a Dyslexia friendly school
  • Communication COGS & TOP Skills programmes;
  • English as an Additional Language; Coordinated support provided in class, in a small group and one to one as well as promoting social inclusion in line with the school EAL policy;
  • in-school counselling;
  • Mentoring and KS4 Anger Management sessions.
  • Friendship Group – a project based programme developed under the guidance of the Autism Team to support students with social and communication difficulties. This is run by trained Teaching Assistants with a small group once a week for 6 -10 weeks at a time. A follow up group meeting is offered if the group would like it to allow them to continue to support each other and to refresh their memories of the skills and strategies learned during the programme.

This evolves year on year with the deployment of our dedicated Teaching Assistants in response to the needs of the students in our community.
As a department, we work across the curriculum and year groups. We also work in close collaboration with external agencies providing: extra tuition, educational assessment, training on specific disabilities and learning difficulties, career planning, family support, programmes to promote self esteem, positive behaviour and attendance at school.

Student comments about the lunchtime Games Group:
Sixth Former who has attended in the lower school and now as a mentor:
Games group is a welcoming place to meet new people; sets a calming and yet friendly experience with games to join.

Key Stage 3 & 4 Students:
It is a safe and fun environment”.
I like playing games and being with people and it gets you away from some things you might not like doing. Overall amazing time.
“ It is Fun-tastic. We get to play board games”.
Helps you if you have homework. Fun. More friends. Friendly people. Safe environment.
Safe environment; fun. Help if you need it. Get more friends. Friendly”.
I like games club because you can meet up with your friends, play games and have your lunch.

Year 8 students with social & communication difficulties:
It caters for everyone’s needs.
It helped me because I learnt about making friends.
“It was enjoyable.”
I looked forward to it every week.

Special Educational Needs



Mrs Aleksandra (Ola) Nastalek
Mrs Carole Chamberlain
Ms Elizabeth Whordley
Mrs Joanne Price
Ms Lisa Carter
Mrs Lynda Dixon
Mrs Monika Pajak
Miss Natalie Green
Ms Nicola Smith-Thompson
Mrs Sally Walker
Mrs Tracy Healy
Mrs Veronique Glasock
Mrs Yvette McNab