Dear Trinity Community

I hope you are well, and that your Christmas plans are coming together.

Visitors to the school will have seen our Advent Candles in the foyer.  As I’ve gotten older and sought to understand what Advent means, I find myself getting more involved in its meaning and mystery.  I enjoy the dark robes in church, the feeling of renewal, and waiting – the excited expectation of a new arrival.  Advent is now for me a chance to focus, and reflect, and to try to improve.  It really is, in emotional terms, the New Year.

Many will view 2016 as a bit of a challenging year.  It is true that there have been some intense and divisive political decisions and the violence that has marked parts of the world has been incredibly distressing.  The constancy though of Christmas provides a reassurance – that at the end of the strife the purple robes come down, the candles are lit, and then the dazzling white of the robes of Christmas let our hopes and joys be renewed.

I hope that you and your families feel renewal, peace, and hope over the break.  Please rest, relax, enjoy the company of those you love and forget the difficulties that find it so easy to find us.

All best wishes