Year 10 residential trip to FSC Nettlecombe Court

The year 10 GCSE geography students completed coastal fieldwork at 2 contrasting locations along Porlock Bay, Somerset. The aim of the fieldwork was to investigate how coastal processes i.e. erosion, transportation and deposition affect the sediment (the sand or pebbles) along a coastal area.


The fieldwork is for their year 11 GCSE examinations, where they need to study both a Human and Physical area and they describe how they would plan, prepare, conduct and then write up a field study.
Each student had to complete a beach profile, sediment collection and pebble analysis. They used a variety of fieldwork techniques and carefully collected their data.


While we were away the weather was near Zero degrees centigrade but dry and sunny. All students worked very hard collected data, completed fieldwork tasks maturely and they are now writing up their findings in a professional format.