Year 12 residential trip to FSC Flatford Mill, Suffolk

The year 12 AS geography students completed coastal fieldwork Walton on the Naze. The aim of the fieldwork was to investigate how coastal processes i.e. erosion, transportation and deposition and landform are affected by management strategies along a coastal area.

The fieldwork is for their year 12 AS examination, where they need to study both a Coastal landscapes and change and regenerating places both Human and Physical topics. They need to be able to describe how they would plan, prepare, conduct and then write up a field study for both of the topics.
On the coastal fieldwork day each student had to complete beach height, infiltration rates and sediment size fieldwork. They used a variety of techniques to help them carefully collected their data.



They then compared their primary data to secondary completing a cost benefit analysis on the coastal area, a field sketch with annotations and a bi polar analysis and then evaluated and concluded their findings.
On the regenerating fieldwork day each student collected Bo polar, questionnaires, environmental quality and growth decline index data in various locations around the Ipswich Docklands area. They were measuring how the redevelopments to the area have altered/improved/made worse the docklands.

They then compared their data to that from other students to look at the areas where decline and growth were present.