Ski Trip – Andorra 2017

We have just returned from a very successful school ski trip to Vallnord – Andorra with 48 of our year 8-10 students. The weather had been unseasonably warm over parts of the Alps and the Pyrenees, but they had looked after the slopes at Vallnord amazingly well and there was plenty of snow on the pistes.
We arrived, tired but excited, to blazing sunshine and very welcoming and modern hotel ready for the week skiing. On the night of our first day of skiing the snow fell and we received over 30cm of snow in just 12 hours!

The piste bashers were out in full force to prepare the slopes for the morning skiing and it wasn’t long before we hit the slopes for another perfect day!

The vast majority of our group were beginners and whilst the most experienced skiers ventured high into the mountains with Stuart France, the beginners stayed on the green and blue runs to master the art of skiing. Experiencing a new environment and a new skill requires determination and resilience – I am please to say that our students have this in abundance and I was amazed at the progress made.
As the week progressed, so did the conditions as a post card picture awaited our morning ski on the slopes of Vallnord!

Further snow fell later on in the week, much to the joy of our students who were in their element after developing their skills, skiing on one ski and also skiing backwards to add more control, balance and awareness. Some of the staff, notably Stuart Marr, had apparently already mastered the art of skiing backwards although not intentionally!

Students have really developed their resilience during the week and we hope that the week skiing in Andorra lives long in the memory of our young people – we can’t wait to take another group of Trinity students skiing, hopefully in January 2019!

Stuart Marr & Stuart France