Trinity is the Sixth Form most suited to me. The school allows me to adapt my subjects to my own way of learning – teaching me to be independent while still receiving guidance from my teachers. Sixth Form has made me realise just how community orientated Trinity truly is.

Amber – Yr12


It is important to develop good working habits from the start. From the beginning of your child’s time at Trinity, homework will be set regularly. The amount of homework will increase as your child progresses through the school.

The Government recommends that the time spent on homework should fall within the following ranges:

Year 7: Students are introduced to effectively completing homework. The amount of homework gradually increases until it reaches 45 to 90 minutes per day.

Year 8: 45 to 90 minutes per day

Year 9: 1 to 2 hours per day

Year 10 / 11: 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day

Examples of homework tasks

Tasks will have a clear objective, linked to study programmes. Tasks might be:

  • Investigations
  • Writing or recording interviews
  • Simple experiments
  • Essay writing
  • Research
  • Public library visit
  • Drafting
  • Report writing
  • Reading a variety of texts
  • Designing
  • Revision
  • Making a model
  • Drawing
  • Word processing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Projects
  • Effective preparation
  • Learning key words or vocabulary
  • Preparing a Presentation
  • Collating and organizing notes
  • Practising questions
  • Reinforcing work
  • Watching a television programme
  • Planning an investigation
  • Composing music or poetry
  • Solving problems
  • Practising skills
  • Formulating or answering questions

Some subjects will set an on-going project or topic for homework so that the same theme will be researched for several weeks.