Getting Ready for Work
A survey by Ofsted entitled “Getting Ready for Work” in Spring 2015 looked at how well schools prepare their students for the world of work. Ofsted undertook 40 thematic inspection visits throughout the UK, one of which was Trinity. Their report, published in November 2016, included the fowling comment on Trinity:

“Enterprise and employability have high priority with the school leaders. They recognise the importance of developing soft skills/enterprise skills and attributes and work hard to maintain a broad curriculum that includes a strong focus on this aspect. A detailed strategic plan (‘careers and work-related learning pathway’) has been produced that links provision in personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE), additional provision for disadvantaged students, general curriculum provision, wider careers curriculum provision and extra-curricular activities to the 17 areas of learning for careers, employability and enterprise education from the Career Development Institute’s (CDI) framework. As a result, there is a coherent plan of provision for each year group from Years 7 to 13”