On Wednesday 22nd March, Warwickshire Youth Parliament held a Public Speaking competition in the illustrious surroundings of the Council Chamber at Shire Hall.

Warwickshire Youth Parliament is a group of young people from our local area who have been elected to represent school and college students. Their national campaign this year is ‘tackling racism and religious discrimination’. The campaign theme was decided by young people from around the UK last year and debated by Members of Youth Parliament in the House of Commons. Young people believe that negative images in the media and ignorance are the main causes of racism and religious discrimination in their communities. Unaddressed, this would lead to further segregation in society, allowing people to develop and hold discriminatory views due to the lack of mutual understanding.

To support the campaign, Warwickshire Youth Parliament organised a public speaking competition to give young people in the community a voice. Students from local schools and colleges were invited to compete in teams of three by presenting their ideas about how to combat discrimination in our society.

The winning team consisted of Quincy Sproul, Catherine Tormey and Maddie Bevan all from Year 9 and 10 at Trinity Catholic School who chose to speak on the topic of immigration. As main speaker, Quincy suggested that media representation of immigration is very negative and that we should consider the many positive aspects. The team were complimented by the judges on a clear and thought provoking presentation.