Students in Year 11 have begun the year focusing on attaining as well as possible in their mock examinations in December. The results of which will give a clear indication of how the students are currently performing and will enable them to set targets for the final months of Key Stage 4, prior to their Summer final examinations. Students will collect their mock exam results after Christmas from the library, just like they will on their actual GCSE results day in August 2018.

Year 11 students engaged well with the first PSHE Learning day in September. During which the students studied several topics, including Psychoactive Substances and Interview Skills.

The Year 11 pastoral team will soon inform parents of details for end of year celebrations, including the Year 11 end of Year Prom. Until then, we wish you a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Year 11 2017/18 Key dates: dates subject to change

Your Child in Year 11 Evening: Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 5-6pm.

Y11 Mock Interviews: Tuesday, 31st October – Wednesday 1st November 2017, 9:15-3:15pm.

6th Form Information Evening: Tuesday, 14th November 2017, 6-8pm.

Y11 1st Mock Exams (all subjects): Monday, 27th November – Friday, 8th December 2017.

Y11 Mock Results: Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 9am.

Y11 Parents Evening: Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 4-6pm.

Y11 2nd Mock Exams (core subjects): Monday, 26th Feb – Wednesday, 28th Feb 2018, 9:15-3:15pm.

Y11 Exam Period: Tuesday, 1st May – Friday, 29th June 2018.

Y11 Prom: Friday, 6th July 2018, 7-11pm.

Y11 GCSE results day: Thursday, 23rd August 2018.