The start of the academic year is always full of excitement and anticipation for the transitioning year groups, especially for the new year 7 cohort, and this year is no exception!

My new students have taken to Trinity like ducks to water, with energy and enthusiasm that fills me with pride. They seem to have started adopting the school ethos with little pressure to do so, making friends and supporting each other in a manor most schools do not, which has been added to immeasurably by the recent sleep over. To have learnt a new building, met new teachers, made new friends, experienced new lessons, AND to have slept over in the school raising money for charity, all within 4 weeks, is something most adults would struggle with, but this cohort have exceeded my expectations……so far! If these first 4 weeks are indicative of the rest of the school year I simply cannot wait!

Charlie Thompson

Head of Transfer and Transition

Head of Year 7