Year 7 have continued with settling into Trinity Catholic School; the year group is developing a character which is warm, friendly and fun. Year 7 had a most successful PSHE Learning day on Staying Healthy looking at the issues surrounding Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, A Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Eating on Tuesday 8th November. Each of the five tutor groups was taught by all members of the tutor team; all tutors commented on how hard working, engaged and enthusiastic the students were to the issues examined on the day.

So far this term out of 103 students we have had 17 students achieve Bronze DOVE awards with many students within a few Dove merits of this award. Furthermore I am delighted that Year 7 students are beginning to receive their Leadership 1 award; these awards show a commitment to the values of taking personal initiative and having responsibility for others.

On Thursday 24th November there was a very successful Quiz Evening where many Year 7 students and their parents came together for a night of learning and laughter. Many thanks to the PTSA for organising the refreshments, for Debbie Hayden who put the event together and to our Master of Ceremonies John Shires. The Year 7 students displayed lots of knowledge though we were all stumped by the difficult of the Maths questions!

Later this term we have another key event for Year 7 students and parents; on Friday 9th December we will be going to the pantomime at the Spa Centre which this year is Beauty and the Beast. The evening promises to be a night of great entertainment. The Christmas mood will be picked up again on Thursday 15th December where this will be a Christmas disco for Year 7 and Year 8 students. Many thanks to Jason Tubbs and Chris Swift for organising the music.

Finally, after Christmas many Year 7 students are beginning instrumental lessons in school; forms can be obtained from reception for children who are interested in picking up a musical instrument. For information students can have lessons in voice and keyboard and can learn in a group or individually. Research has shown that learning a musical instrument can help with academic success. I have known parents in the past who have attempted to keep up with their sons and daughters on a new instrument such as the guitar; learning together can bring families together and can also be a reminder for adults of how much practice is needed to conquer an instrument.

Pat Higgins
Head of Year 7