Our second half term in Year 9 has continued with the same intensity of the first. During PSHE&C day the students covered topics including Dealing with Conflict, Drugs Awareness, the Prevent strategy (with our local PCSO Dave Martin) and British Values. The vast majority of our students continue to impress me with their responsible and increasingly mature approach to such serious aspects of study and in their development as young well-rounded people.

All students have now settled into our ‘good habits’ and are organising themselves well for school. The students that are consistently following our 7 Cs of Confidence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Commitment and Craftmanship (all with Care and Consideration) continue to excel and flourish at Trinity Catholic School. As we approach the end of our first term and the Christmas break it is important that our students do not let their standards slip; parental support and engagement is truly valued at this time.

To date we have 49 students achieving 25 Dove merits or more with 3 students (Anfie, Lani and Sinead) achieving their Bronze award for receiving more than 50! Also receiving recognition this half term have been our top 10% of students for the best average progress made in the year so far. It has been a real source of pride to recognise the achievements of our students who, in the vast majority, continue to impress with their dedication and general approach to school. It is also great to hear of our students extracurricular exploits; with 3 of our year group recently spending time away from school to pursue qualifications for gymnastics coaching; well done Sinead, Susy and Daisy!

Adam Willis
Head of Year 9