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Head of School's Welcome

Trinity is a Catholic learning community devoted to the common good.

We seek to develop values in students that are rooted in our Catholic faith and a clear moral purpose. We are committed to nurturing educated, informed, creative, fulfilled and socially responsible citizens. Together we learn with a religious and spiritual purpose and strive towards personal excellence, acknowledging that all are made in the image of God.

We firmly believe that what Trinity offers makes us a hidden gem within Warwickshire.

As a Catholic school, we seek explicitly to educate all children, regardless of their background, in the Catholic way. Education in the Catholic way means educating the whole person – and doing so in a way that enlivens and excites. My vision as the leader of a Catholic school is one of faith in God and love of our neighbour made in His image helping all of my students to be happy. We take emotional wellbeing, happiness and care seriously. Happiness matters and I firmly believe, our young people will reach their potential.

Mr Shires
Head of School