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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Trinity is a Catholic learning community devoted to the Common Good.


As a Catholic school we believe that we are created, Imago Dei, in the image of God.  Therefore, when we treat each other with respect, we are honouring God’s creation.  Equally we value self-respect for exactly the same reason.   When we link the respect of others as well as ourselves, we are following that most important commandment of Christ that we should love our neighbour as much as we love ourselves.


Life is not always easy and does not always follow our plans.  We teach the value of resilience in equipping our young people to be able to confront challenge and overcome adversity.  We are guided and supported by our faith in Christ and grow stronger by experience.  Because of this we are able to extend our support to others that also face hardship in our local and wider community.  We encourage students to set the highest standards possible and to lead purposeful fulfilling lives that can contribute to the common good.


As it says in St John’s Gospel ‘Then you shall know truth and the truth will set you free’.  We believe we are liberated by our faith and are therefore ready to accept responsibilities as members of a wider academic and spiritual community.  We value honesty, reliability and loyalty as virtues that will stand our students in good stead whilst at Trinity and throughout the rest of their lives. 


We encourage students to set high ambitions for themselves.  We also endeavour to teach our young people that we can also have aspirations for others in our community as well as ourselves.  In many cases these will be people that we might never meet or know personally such as through the charitable enterprises that we support through fund raising.  We also provide high quality advice and support for students moving into post 16 education.