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Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team are focused on removing any barrier to learning to ensure students are: here, happy, healthy and ready to learn. Each student has a Form Tutor and Head of Year to offer support, however we also have a dedicated pastoral team who can also support the individual needs of students and work with you as parents.

The Pastoral Team

  • Miss Hanson, Head of Year 7
  • Mr Lignier, 7J
  • Miss Wollerton, 7O
  • Miss Maryon, 7Y
  • Mrs Compton, Head of Year 8
  • Mrs Baggott, 8H
  • Mr Hill, 8O
  • Mr Jones, 8P
  • Mr Bal, 8E
  • Mr Willis, Head of Year 9
  • Miss Crossman, 9H
  • Mrs Nastalek, 9O
  • Mr Musson, 9P
  • Mr Murphy, 9E
  • Miss Zouhou, Acting Head of Year 10
  • Mrs Hewitt-Jackson and Mrs Triassi, 10H
  • Mrs Feeley, 10O
  • Mr Canales, 10P
  • Mr Cooney, 10E
  • Mrs McCracken, Raising Standards Lead - Year 11
  • Mr Dempsey, 11H
  • Miss Parker, 11O
  • Miss Harboard, 11P
  • Mrs Cheema, 11E
  • Mr Allison, Raising Standards Lead - Sixth Form
  • Mr Allison, Year 12 A-Level
  • Mr Unsworth, Year 12 Foundation Programme
  • Mrs Whordley, Year 13 Foundation Programme