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Religious Education

At Trinity Catholic School we believe that the whole process of education is not a purely human activity but a striving to God under the direction of the Holy Spirit. We provide opportunities for growth so that students feel empowered to fulfill their potential both academically and spiritually. We demand high standards from students in their work, attitude and behaviour at all times. 

We provide a challenging academic curriculum that develops the student’s knowledge, understanding and evaluation of the Catholic faith in the context of Christianity and other World Religions. 

At Key Stage 3, all students follow The People of God programme of study in line with the Curriculum Directory. 

KS3 Programme 

 All Pupils in KS3 receive three lessons per week. 

Homework and Assessment 

Our system of homework is designed to foster retrieval practice in our students as well as develop the skills of a good philosopher. We set homework spelling tests half-termly, which build on the content from the lessons and also allow our students to understand subject specific terminology. As a result Students are tested weekly on both the spelling and the meanings of the relevant key words 

Students are set the homework task at the start of each half term on Edulink. 

Support Programme 

The RE department provides a number of support programmes for our students at all levels. 

We run an after- school homework club in the school library, where members of the department are on hand to give guidance and support. Students  are also able to use the computers and resources of the library. 

In Year Seven a Humanities Parents Meeting is run to inform parents about the homework system and the support programmes in place so that everyone knows what is expected of students and how staff and parents can support them. 

Additional support materials are also available for those students who may need further help. 

KS4 Program 

At Key Stage 4, Year 10 and 11 students study the Eduqas full GCSE course in Religious Studies (Specification B). 

Support Programmes 
The RE department runs a range of support programmes for all GCSE RE students. 

Intervention sessions are ran weekly after School. 

Holiday revision sessions at Easter and May half-term. 

An extensive revision pack is given to all students 
Revision breakfast prior to each exam. 

KS5 Program 

Year 12 and 13 also follow a core Religious Education course for one lesson a week. 

It’s not all chalk and talk! 

What next? Careers with RE 

The Religious Studies A-Level is a highly regarded academic qualification among universities and employers alike. John Keast, Chair, Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC): wrote  “RS A level provides an excellent foundation for a range of careers – from medicine to public service to business. Imagine how better prepared a doctor or business professional is if they understand the culture and customs of the individuals they are treating or dealing with. Or how a broad and deep knowledge of different world faiths and beliefs can help young people truly understand the context of events in the Middle East. 

As our world becomes increasingly interdependent and we interact with more diverse groups day to day, RE is becoming ever more relevant.” 

Religious Studies graduates often go on to work in various fields such as Law, Medicine, Civil Services and Politics.