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Business Studies

It is unlikely that you will have studied business before you start KS4, but that doesn’t matter. However, you may have watched programmes such as Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice and this has sparked an interest to learn more about businesses and perhaps it is the case that you would like to start your own business one day. Even though you may not realise it, you experience business every day from purchasing something in a shop to watching adverts on TV.

In Business Studies, we try to open students’ minds to the techniques and strategies that businesses use whether it be in marketing, accounting, human resources or other areas. If you are interested in learning about the world around you, how businesses are set up and what it is that makes someone a great entrepreneur then this is the course for you!

The GCSE (9–1) in Business is a linear qualification with 100% external assessment. The GCSE (9–1) in Business consists of two examined components that are externally assessed. Each component carries an equal weighting of 50% of the GCSE (9–1) qualification. Each examination has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Each paper is worth 80 marks and is split into two sections. Section A contains multiple choice questions. This section of the component is worth 15 marks. Section B includes short, medium and extended response style questions which use stimulus material that draws on real business contexts. This section of the component is worth 65 marks.

No matter which route you follow, all these business courses can help you prepare for employment, further and higher education. You will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, dealing with data, communicating and working as part of team. Even if you do not want to go on to study business further you will have benefited from studying a GCSE Business course because many jobs you do will involve working for a business.

However, a GCSE Business course could lead to work in a business-related profession such as accountancy, law, marketing or the leisure and tourism industry. This course will equip you with the understanding of the business world, which you will enter after finishing school/college/university. You will be able to make informed decisions and put forward arguments to persuade others. You will have the knowledge to help you set up a business of your own. The skills you learn such as evaluation and problem solving will be useful in a number of other subjects. Business can lead on to many qualifications and is a good stepping-stone for you in A Level subjects, especially Economics, Accountancy and of course A Level Business. You will develop life skills that enable you to become financially and commercially aware.