Trinity is the Sixth Form most suited to me. The school allows me to adapt my subjects to my own way of learning – teaching me to be independent while still receiving guidance from my teachers. Sixth Form has made me realise just how community orientated Trinity truly is.

Amber (Year 12)
computer girl
Trinity is special because of the amazing Art Department. They have taught me so much and have helped me produce an art portfolio to an A* standard. I love the staff at Trinity, they are all so kind and caring. Trinity isn’t like a school, it’s more like a second home.

Emma (Year 11)
I’m proud to work at Trinity. It’s a place with a genuine sense that people care about each other and students and staff enjoy working together to achieve something. It’s the kind of community that many schools strive to be or claim they are, but at Trinity I see the reality of it every day.

Mike Allison (Teacher)
I personally think Trinity is special for several reasons. There is a very good relationship of trust and respect between teachers and pupils, as well as a community that supports you and helps you grow as a person. Trinity is a kind and nurturing place to learn.

Vaneesha (Year 11)
Chris Gabbett
Chris Gabbett

We are an inclusive, ethos driven, caring, positive and rewarding school, where every individual is valued for their unique contribution to school life. Our motto, ‘Equal by means of God’s Image’, underpins every action at our school. We strive towards equality and a sense of justice, and have high expectations of our students in this regard. We are a Pax Christi school, and principles of social justice and non-violence are at the core of our mission. To reinforce this, all Trinity students are expected to engage in community stewardship and support.
This year, former Trinity pupils will be studying at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, and we can count influential artists, sports people, actors and business people amongst our alumni. Just as impressively, former Trinity students are active in the third sector and work as leaders of charities and social enterprises. We are a varied, talented, caring community. We are a school that is proud to focus on the work of our greatest assets – our students. As such, the majority of this prospectus is genuinely written by them.

Chris Gabbett

Forthcoming Open Event

Core values

High Teaching Standards

Trinity’s engagement scheme provides everyone with the incentive to fulfil their potential and to feel included. It’s not just about being recognised for academic achievement, as engagement means valuing different talents and acknowledging the effort students put in. Some learning is very challenging, especially when exams are coming up, but our teachers give us the confidence to aim high. I feel like the teachers do everything they can to push students to reach their full potential, including offering after school and lunchtime extra help. My family say they have noticed that I have gained in self-confidence during my time at Trinity.

Holly Y11

The Whole Person

Developing as an individual is easy in an accepting, diverse and vibrant community that encourages open discussion and the sharing of ideas and talents. We are a tight-knit community where students are not treated as numbers, but valued as individuals who can each offer something unique. This ethos is at the heart of Trinity. During my time at Trinity, I have had many opportunities to develop my character, from performing in music concerts, to going on school PE trips and from being part of student led groups (such as Pax Christi and CAFOD) to volunteering at a food bank and doing paired
reading. Trinity has inspired me to be better.

Cailtin Y13

Community Responsibility

Our community within the school is important to us, but so too is our surrounding local community. Community responsibility is facilitated by the school in a number of ways. Students develop a sense of team work through the house system, and groups like Pax Christi and the School Council provide structures within the school for students to become ambassadors and make a difference. Other programmes include paired reading and mentoring schemes that help to form strong connections between the younger and older students. In addition to this, older students are encouraged to volunteer in the local community on Wednesday afternoons. Community responsibility is key to Trinity life.

Georgia Y13

Sporting Success

At Trinity we train and compete in a wide variety of sports, including rugby, football, dance, athletics, cricket, basketball, netball, gymnastics and trampolining. This is offered to all year groups and played against various
local secondary schools. In this past year, we have done particularly well in basketball, athletics and rugby with some of our students going on to represent district or county teams. I think our success is down to the healthy competitive environment encouraged at Trinity. Success and engagement are celebrated in an end of year PEPA Faculty awards night. Sport at Trinity aims to be inclusive, enjoyable and promote leadership, yet we still have the ambition to win.

Drew Y9