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AEQUALIS PER DEI IMAGINEM or Equal by means of God’s image. This fits Trinity's history perfectly as it reflects on the aspirations towards equality that  the schools first Principal Peter Hastings had when he insisted on staff and students referring to each other by first names. It also is a reminder that our equality as people and our duty to support our neighbours derive from the fact that we are all created equal in the image of God.

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Trinity is a vibrant and well-ordered community of faith and learning.

I am honored to be the leader of a creative, vibrant and aspirational school; a model for progressive Catholic education in the 21st century. Trinity is a place of equality, opportunity, inclusion and excellence, where every individual in the school is valued for their unique contribution to school life.

Our motto, 'Equal by means of God's Image' underpins every action at our school.  We strive towards equality and a sense of justice, and have high expectations of our students in this regard.  We are a Pax Christi school, and principles of social justice and non-violence are at the core of our mission.  To reinforce this, all Trinity students are expected to engage in community stewardship and support.

We pride ourselves on the passion with which we celebrate our students' successes, and the dedication we bring to ensuring opportunities for achievement.  We celebrate the fact that classroom learning at Trinity Catholic School complements and contributes to a 'whole' education, and we engage in a variety of types of out of school learning. We believe this is an essential platform of a quality education.

We are very proud of our academic results, and of the destinations our students aim for and achieve.  This year, former Trinity pupils will be studying at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, and we can count influential artists, sportspeople, actors and business people amongst our alumni.  Just as impressively, former Trinity  students are active in the third sector and work as leaders of charities and social enterprises.  We are a varied, talented, caring community.

Walk the corridors of the school and you will find a team of committed faculties dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience.  We also have a range of beacon departments with excellent standards of teaching and learning. Our common goal is to accomplish what is in the best interest of the students academically and spiritually; to provide guidance to them to make a lasting contribution to the global community.

Every decision that we make is informed by our vision - that in striving for excellence, we support Christ's mission. Central to our actions is awareness that our professionalism, dedication and expertise, offers a transformative opportunity to all of our students. We model for our community a commitment to excellence, aspiration, inclusion and redemption.

As Principal of this tremendous school, I am committed to investing in the potential of all in our school community.

I thank you for your interest in Trinity Catholic School and I look forward to working with you.

Chris Gabbett



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Up Coming Events For May 2015

Monday 4th May - May Day - Bank Holiday Monday

Thursday 7th May - PTSA Meeting

Friday 22nd May - Students and Staff Breakup For Half Term

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Monday 1st June - Students and Staff Back To School

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Trinity Students On BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio Station

The students had a great afternoon at the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio station this afternoon. Four of them (Andwayne, Liv, Ellie and Kieran) got the chance to get involved in a bit of air time. They did really well considering it was very last minute, and Liv even managed to get a bit of free advertisment out there for the Art Show tomorrow. You can listen to them by clicking the link below.

Trinity Students On BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Senior Maths Challenge News

Last term some of Trinity’s best mathematicians took part in the Senior Maths Challenge. This involves answering questions and solving problems which rely on both a good knowledge base in algebra and arithmetic plus the ability to solve problems by thinking laterally. Students from across the globe take the challenge on the same day and the level of competition is high. Well done to all students who took  part (and do add this to your UCAS statements).

But particularly to Tristan W and Mark T who came top of Year 13 & Year 12 respectively. Other certificate winners were Louis S & Nikki I (Year 13) and Matt V, Jack L, James P & Toby L (Year 12); many congratulations to them on their achievement.

Meanwhile, a team of Nikki I, Raj S, Mark T & Caitlin K travelled to the University of Warwick to take part in the Senior Team Maths Challenge. It was great fun to compete against students from other Warwickshire schools (the total brain power generated by those present would have been enough to power a small village) and the team acquitted themselves admirably achieving our highest position in recent memory. They are already plotting their return next year...

Finally, here’s an example of one of the questions these students are facing:

Senior Maths Challenge.jpg

Request From The Archaeology Dept.

We are looking for any old 'point and click' digital cameras that you may have gathering dust in at home.  The older, and more basic the better, as we are hoping to convert them for InfraRed photography for some field projects.  This does mean that the cameras will be irreversibly modified, so please be sure you don't want them back!

Please drop them off at Reception.

Many thanks in advance!

Richard Grove

Archaeology Teacher  


Fundamental British Values

Solar Eclipse - Makun Madar Images

On the 20th of March 2015, most of Britain experienced a partial solar eclipse where the moon passes in front of the sun leaving only a small slice of the sun exposed, named "The Smile". This rare phenomenon is due to a coincidence, where the sun is 400 times larger than the moon and also 400 times further away, meaning that it perfectly blocks out the sun if you are in the right place at the right time to see it.

Looking at the sun directly is extremely dangerous, but there are different ways of viewing the eclipse. I managed to bring my refracting telescope into school, set up on the field and view it that way. The light from the eclipse passes through the lenses and a larger image is projected onto a piece of card. It was an amazing experience and I am very happy the images came out as clear as they did considering the cloud. Noticing the light levels slowly getting lower was slightly spooky. Due to the moon getting further away from us a

few centimetres a year, in about a million years time, total solar eclipses will be a thing of the past. I am happy that I was able to witness this rare event; the next total eclipse will not occur until 2090 and the next partial eclipse will be 2026. Here's to the next one.