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AEQUALIS PER DEI IMAGINEM or Equal by means of Gods image. This fits Trinity's history perfectly as it reflects on the aspirations towards equality that  the schools first Principal Peter Hastings had when he insisted on staff and students referring to each other by first names. It also is a reminder that our equality as people and our duty to support our neighbours derives from the fact that we are all created equal in the image of God.

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Trinity is a vibrant and well-ordered community of faith and learning.

I am honored to be the leader of a creative, vibrant and aspirational school; a model for progressive Catholic education in the 21st century. Trinity is a place of equality, opportunity, inclusion and excellence, where every individual in the school is valued for their unique contribution to school life.

Our motto, 'Equal by means of God's Image' underpins every action at our school.  We strive towards equality and a sense of justice, and have high expectations of our students in this regard.  We are a Pax Christi school, and principles of social justice and non-violence are at the core of our mission.  To reinforce this, all Trinity students are expected to engage in community stewardship and support.

We pride ourselves on the passion with which we celebrate our students' successes, and the dedication we bring to ensuring opportunities for achievement.  We celebrate the fact that classroom learning at Trinity Catholic School complements and contributes to a 'whole' education, and we engage in a variety of types of out of school learning. We believe this is an essential platform of a quality education.

We are very proud of our academic results, and of the destinations our students aim for and achieve.  This year, former Trinity pupils will be studying at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, and we can count influential artists, sportspeople, actors and business people amongst our alumni.  Just as impressively, former Trinity  students are active in the third sector and work as leaders of charities and social enterprises.  We are a varied, talented, caring community.

Walk the corridors of the school and you will find a team of committed faculties dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience.  We also have a range of beacon departments with excellent standards of teaching and learning. Our common goal is to accomplish what is in the best interest of the students academically and spiritually; to provide guidance to them to make a lasting contribution to the global community.

Every decision that we make is informed by our vision - that in striving for excellence, we support Christ's mission. Central to our actions is awareness that our professionalism, dedication and expertise, offers a transformative opportunity to all of our students. We model for our community a commitment to excellence, aspiration, inclusion and redemption.

As Principal of this tremendous school, I am committed to investing in the potential of all in our school community.

I thank you for your interest in Trinity Catholic School and I look forward to working with you.

Chris Gabbett



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Tuesday 2nd December Year 11 Parents Evening.

Parents Evening Letter

Information For Year 7 Parents & Guardians

Here at Trinity we run a special support programme for new Year 7 students.

Our Lay Chaplain, Teresa  Castelino, is the facilitator. It is a voluntary  group that meets weekly and it is for those children who have experienced any kind of loss. The organisation behind the programme is called Spectrum. When anything significant happens in a family, the entire family is often affected.  Death, divorce or other loss issues often have a profound effect on children, who are touched by such experiences. Children may find it extremely difficult to verbalise their feelings of grief because of their age and inexperience or a desire not to upset any family members. We have some very sensitive, caring and trained adults to help children put their feelings into words, work through their grief, build a stronger sense of self esteem, and begin to accept what has happened in their family.If your child is part of a single parent family, a step-family, has experienced the death of a loved family member, friend or sibling, or is struggling through a painful experience, we believe this will be a valuable opportunity for them. If you think your child would benefit from this programme please get in touch with

Chris Hurst  Head of Year 7


01926 428416  Ext. 317

Up Coming Events For November 2014

Saturday 1st November - All Saints Day

Friday 7th November - Monthly Mass Remembrance

Tuesday 18th November - Year 8 HPV Mop Up Immunisations

Thursday 20th November - 6th Form Open Evening

Thursday 27th November - Year 9 Job Taster Fair

Friday 28th November - Dorothy Day House Mass

Up Coming Events For December 2014

Tuesday 2nd December - Year 11 Parents Evening

Friday 5th December - Year 11 Deadline For 6th Form Applications

Monday 15th December 6:00 PM - Christmas Concert - No Tickets, All Welcome

Wednesday 17th December - Celebration Evening 7pm - 8pm

Friday 19th December - Christmas Liturgy

Thursday 25th December - Christmas Day

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Term Ends - Friday 19 December 2014

Teacher Training Days (No students) - Monday 5 January 2015

Term Starts (for students) - Tuesday 6 January 2015

Half Term Monday 16 February 2015 - Friday 20 February 2015

Term Ends Friday 27 March

Term Starts - Monday 13 April 2015

May Bank Holiday Monday - 4 May 2015

Half Term Monday 25 May 2015-– Friday 29 May 2015

Term Ends - Friday 17 July 2015


Section 48 Inspection Report

Section 48 Inspection Report For Parents

Guide Dog Puppy Named “Trinity”

During the summer holiday I heard that Guide Trinity had been born and we have been eagerly awaiting her visit since the beginning of term. Many students throughout all years have helped raise the required £1500 to name a guide dog puppy.  It actually costs over £5,000 to breed and puppy walk a guide dog puppy and the lifetime cost of a guide dog is nearly £50,000. Trinity is puppy walked in Warwick and her training is going extremely well. She is very outgoing and was not at all fazed by the 200 year 7 and 8’s watching her every move… in fact she gave a few barks of thanks throughout the presentation. Trinity was accompanied by her Puppy Walker and the National Breeding Centre Manager.

Chris Hurst

Head of Year 7

Trinity Donations For Children In Need


Jaguar Landrover (JLR) Roadshow 2014

Website To Register: https://forms.akkroo.com/forms /jlrapprent/27141?type=preregis ter

Drama Department News

Theatre Studies Year 12

Over the last 2 months the Year 12 class have been involved in a collaborative project with artist Andy Farr, Music and Art departments to create work for Armistice Day. The drama department devised a piece that explored the Forgotten Voices of the soldiers that fought in the war and this culminated in a wonderful and poignant performance evening on the 11th November.  All students involved were a real credit to the school and we are very proud of their achievement on such an important day.

Please take a look at Andy's work and the students’ contribution on his webpage or Facebook The Lost Generation.

Below are excerpts from the website www.lostgeneration.info

Gallery 150 Exhibition

28th October – 16th November

10 Livery Street, Leamington Spa

If you were 14 on the 4th August 1914 then either you or your friends would not have been alive 4 years later. 30% of 16-20 years olds died during WW1. And of those that survived most would have been physically injured and mentally scarred.

Lost Generation is an initiative to make the WW1 centenary more relevant to young people in 2014 by involving them in the creation of original art works.

During the First World War centenary I will be working with groups of teenagers from different schools to help them create work inspired by the lives and experiences of teenagers from 1914.  

Their work and mine will be used in a series of gallery based exhibitions through-out the centenary commemoration.  Each will

include paintings inspired by iconic WW1 imagery brought to life using contemporary teenagers, as well as film, music and original writing from the schools.

I will also continue to update this site to include new work as the project evolves.

Exhibition of art, drama and music from students working with Andy Farr.  Includes work from Trinity School Leamington and Cockburn School Leeds.


Trinity School year 12 drama group performance of Forgotten voices of the Great War adapted by Malcolm McKay from the book by Max Arthur.


Original music composed by Trinity School as the soundtrack for the Centenary Vigil film.  The piece for piano, flute and cello was written and performed by Emily Williams, Kit Marshall and Rhiannon Tucker.  The inspiration was the idea of the anonymous soldier standing in silent reverie.


As an act of remembrance for the First World War Centenary, Trinity School held a memorial vigil.  The aim was for 100 pupils to take it in turns to stand on a plinth for two minutes.  The memorial plinth was constructed on the school field on Guy’s Cliffe Avenue.  The students adopted the rest on arms reversed drill stance.  This was the position adopted by the honour guard standing in solemn vigil at military funerals and the pose adopted for Leamington’s memorial statue on Euston Place.