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AEQUALIS PER DEI IMAGINEM or Equal by means of God’s image. This fits Trinity's history perfectly as it reflects on the aspirations towards equality that  the schools first Principal Peter Hastings had when he insisted on staff and students referring to each other by first names. It also is a reminder that our equality as people and our duty to support our neighbours derive from the fact that we are all created equal in the image of God.

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Trinity is a vibrant and well-ordered community of faith and learning.

I am honored to be the leader of a creative, vibrant and aspirational school; a model for progressive Catholic education in the 21st century. Trinity is a place of equality, opportunity, inclusion and excellence, where every individual in the school is valued for their unique contribution to school life.

Our motto, 'Equal by means of God's Image' underpins every action at our school.  We strive towards equality and a sense of justice, and have high expectations of our students in this regard.  We are a Pax Christi school, and principles of social justice and non-violence are at the core of our mission.  To reinforce this, all Trinity students are expected to engage in community stewardship and support.

We pride ourselves on the passion with which we celebrate our students' successes, and the dedication we bring to ensuring opportunities for achievement.  We celebrate the fact that classroom learning at Trinity Catholic School complements and contributes to a 'whole' education, and we engage in a variety of types of out of school learning. We believe this is an essential platform of a quality education.

We are very proud of our academic results, and of the destinations our students aim for and achieve.  This year, former Trinity pupils will be studying at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, and we can count influential artists, sportspeople, actors and business people amongst our alumni.  Just as impressively, former Trinity  students are active in the third sector and work as leaders of charities and social enterprises.  We are a varied, talented, caring community.

Walk the corridors of the school and you will find a team of committed faculties dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience.  We also have a range of beacon departments with excellent standards of teaching and learning. Our common goal is to accomplish what is in the best interest of the students academically and spiritually; to provide guidance to them to make a lasting contribution to the global community.

Every decision that we make is informed by our vision - that in striving for excellence, we support Christ's mission. Central to our actions is awareness that our professionalism, dedication and expertise, offers a transformative opportunity to all of our students. We model for our community a commitment to excellence, aspiration, inclusion and redemption.

As Principal of this tremendous school, I am committed to investing in the potential of all in our school community.

I thank you for your interest in Trinity Catholic School and I look forward to working with you.

Chris Gabbett



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Up Coming Events For December 2014

Tuesday 2nd December - Year 11 Parents Evening

Friday 5th December - Year 11 Deadline For 6th Form Applications

Monday 15th December 6:00 PM - Christmas Concert - No Tickets, All Welcome

Wednesday 17th December - Celebration Evening 7pm - 8pm

Friday 19th December - Christmas Liturgy

Thursday 25th December - Christmas Day

Up Coming Events For January 2015

Monday 5th January - Staff Inset Day

Tuesday 6th January - Students Start Back

Tuesday 13th January - Year 9 Parents / Options Evening 4:00pm - 6:30pm

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Term Ends - Friday 19 December 2014

Teacher Training Days (No students) - Monday 5 January 2015

Term Starts (for students) - Tuesday 6 January 2015

Half Term Monday 16 February 2015 - Friday 20 February 2015

Term Ends Friday 27 March

Term Starts - Monday 13 April 2015

May Bank Holiday Monday - 4 May 2015

Half Term Monday 25 May 2015-– Friday 29 May 2015

Term Ends - Friday 17 July 2015

Design Technology : Arkwright Engineering Scholarships 2015

The 2015 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are open be open for applications. This is a prestigious award for

students wishing to study engineering via A levels in Science and Technology.  The scholarship provides:

Further details available at http://www.arkwright.org.uk/scholars/

If you are in year 11 and interested in a career in engineering and want to apply see me, or e-mail me and I will give you an information pack ready for the application deadline early 2015.  

You can keep up to date with all the latest information from the Design Technology department on Facebook:  facebook.com/TrinityteamDT

Simon Hill, Head of Design Technology (email: hill.s@welearn365.com)

History Department News

KS3 Outstanding homework

Year 7- Last term Year 7’s half-termly homework project was to produce ‘A guide to being a historian’ for a year six pupil.  We had some outstanding pieces of work. Below are just a few examples of the many amazing pieces of work that were handed in.

Well done Year 7.

Year 9- Last term Year 9’s half-termly homework was to produce a piece of art work which to them reflected life in the trenches. We had some outstanding work from collages, to paintings, to sculptures and models of a trench.  Below are just a few examples of the many very imaginative pieces of work that we received.

Well done Year 9

Homework winners

Special congratulations goes to 7 Red and 8 Red who handed in the most pieces of homework on time last half term and therefore receive the year group prizes .

Well done to both tutor groups.

      Achieved Destination    100%

     Oxbridge                        2.3%

     Other Russell group      36.4%




Trinity Catholic School is

a good school

June 2013


Thanks from Argentina

Trinity Catholic School was fortunate to have Pilar Petrone attend during year ten and eleven.  Pilar has now returned to her native Argentina, and in this letter to the Principal upon her graduation from school she outlines what made Trinity special for her.

Dear Chris,

It's 11.30pm here in Argentina and I just got back from my school's end of year Mass and I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic. After many turns and different schools, it is finally over. In March 2015 I will be starting University to study Public Translation from English.

"A new world is being opened for you" is the phrase everyone has kept repeating for the past couple of months. Faced with so many decisions to make and changes to encounter it is inevitable to look back on the past years, and when doing so I used to see a confusing mixture of happy moments (although there have been a lot of ups and downs). Now that it has come to an end I can see things with a bit more perspective and from the homogeneous mass of memories some particular ones start to pop up. have received many blessings but I consider one of the greatest has been my time at Trinity. While I was there, everyone always made me feel welcomed and valued; even though it is the

largest school I have ever been to it was visible how important every single pupil is to teachers as well as to you and to the rest of the staff. I also had some very good teachers who helped me widen my knowledge and whom I knew I could trust if I had any troubles.

I wanted first of all to thank you for all I have received and learnt at Trinity which has helped me greatly and I’m sure will continue to be useful and also for all the time and dedication devoted to making sure I (and all students) were well cared for and had the means to develop their abilities as far as they could, respecting their personalities.

Secondly I wanted to congratulate you on the great atmosphere of kindness, respect and learning I have seen you work so hard to create.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me!

Lots of love,

Pilar Petrone

Visit By The Hornby Scholars

On 28th November, the Communications Faculty hosted a visit from 11 post graduate students from the University of Warwick.  The Scholars have all been funded by the Hornby Trust to study the teaching of English in the UK.  They are all expert practitioners in their own countries and come from places as far afield as South Africa, Venezuela and Malaysia.

 At Trinity, they met students to discuss English and modern foreign language teaching, had a tour of the school and observed lessons.  It was a rare opportunity for teachers and students to meet with educationalists across the globe; we all enjoyed comparing our very different experiences of schools and hope this might be the start of some international links for Trinity.

The Hornby Scholars wrote some responses to their visit which can be found here.


Tuesday 13th January 2015

4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Year 9 Parents Letter

Year 9 Parents Appointment Card

Dorothy Day Mass : Principal’s Message

Within this theme of service and duty, we celebrated today in school a Mass in honour of one of our Patron Saints, Dorothy Day.  That is a bit of a misnomer, as a she is quite famously not a saint.  It is difficult though to find a greater example in the twentieth century of someone who lived a more focussed life of service to community, stewardship of the earth and a visceral thirst for justice informed by a robust Catholic faith.  Fr Stefan, Trudie,Teresa and Jo (ably assisted by our ever improving and fantastic choir) delivered a beautiful Mass - a really fitting tribute.  


Former Trinity Catholic School Pupil David Gee Publishes Key Peace Book

Former Trinity pupil David Gee, who attended our Peace and Justice day in June 2013, has published a book via Forceswatch.  Entitled 'Spectacle, Reality, Resistance: Reflections on a Culture of Militarism', it is a fine example of the many and varied pathways our alumni succeed in.  


Guys Gift: Principal’s Message

I was contacted today by the charity Guys Gift that supports children who experience bereavement.  Guys Gift are currently running a fundraising appeal, seeking donations in lieu of Christmas Cards.  This charity has support Trinity consistently at times of loss, and I urge you to look at the information they have provided and assist them if at all possible.  They are a small charity with such an important mission.

Guys Gift Letter

8 White Masterchef: Principal’s Message

I have just returned from the Food Technology Department, where there was a Masterchef competition organized by Natasha Triassi and Leah Haven.  I really cannot describe the quality of the spread that the students from year 8 White put on.  Thanks to them for the invite – it really was wonderful.

Phil Hughes (#putyourbatsout)

Many will have heard of the tragic death of Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes.  Hughes played county cricket in the UK for many years, notably close by with Worcestershire.  My family in Brisbane have communicated to me the unbelievable outpouring of grief in Australia: we have supported an international campaign (#putyourbatsout) to acknowledge his passing here at the school.  Those who watched him play could testify of how exciting it was to watch a young man who probably knew that there were conventional ways to play the game - but chose to ignore them and bat his way.  

Peace Day

We are holding a Peace Day on 15 December for year five students from St Peter's, St Anthony's, Our Lady and

St Teresa's and St Augustine's.  We used to hold this day in anti bullying week, but we have decided that holding it

in Advent makes considerably more sense.  Promoting peace and tolerance within a Catholic worldview is so much

more powerful than just spending one week saying that bullying is bad.  We know it is bad; and by living by our values we will aim to make it unrecognisable at Trinity.

My Boy Jack : At The Talisman Theatre

Well done to George Heynes a former student of Trinity who took the title role of Jack Kipling in a recent production of My Boy Jack by David Haig.  The play chronicles Rudyard Kipling's determination to get Jack a place in the army in the First World War despite Jack having extremely bad eyesight.  The play examines what can happen to a family when one of their own is killed in action.

Sociology : Warwickshire Justice Centre

On the 12th of November year 13 Sociology students went on a trip to the Warwickshire Justice Centre. Students

had a tour of the courts before sitting and watching several cases. Below is a students write up.

Sociology is a subject that is often overlooked.  For me, it opens up lots of options for the future and I find the subject extremely interesting. Recently our A level class had the privilege of visiting the Leamington Spa Magistrate’s Court following our topic on Crime and Deviance within the year 13 course.  This trip will benefit us for the Methods in Context exam in the summer. We managed to observe many cases that helped us to consider the role of a sociologist

and the problems they may face with certain observations.  Taking on this subject was a great decision and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering Sociology, as it is a subject that has changed my perspectives on society and opened my eyes to the diverse world that we live in.

Katie Year 13


Exams start 6th January for Year 11, 12 & 13 students.

Parents Exam Letter

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