I had a fantastic education at Trinity in the 1970s/80s. But that’s ancient history. What I like about Trinity now is that it teaches young people curiosity, independence of mind, maturity and respect while helping them achieve the very best they can – academically and otherwise. Many other schools make empty claims to do similar things, but Trinity is underpinned by a powerful philosophy that really makes it happen.

James Knight – Parent Governor


School governors play a key role in exercising effective governance by supporting the leadership of Trinity Catholic School and working, together with staff to make sure that the school provides a challenging and supportive environment for students.

The Chair of the Governing Board at Trinity Catholic School is Mr Christopher Snelson. Christopher was born in London and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, and Germany before returning to England in his teens. Trained as an accountant, he has worked in industry for most of his career, first as an accountant in the oil and gas exploration industry, and for the last 26 years with a major electricity utility company mostly specialising in the capital investment field. He has lived mostly in the Leamington Spa area since 1992.

Christopher became a Foundation Governor in 2008 and Chair of Governors in 2015. His early life has given him a love of travel, varied cultures, and an insight into different models of education, both state-maintained and privately funded.

Publication of Governors’ Details

In the interests of transparency, the Governing Body is now required to publish up-to-date details of the governance arrangements for the school.

The information we provide includes:

  • The structure and remit of the Governing Body and its Committees, and the full names of the Chair of each.
  • For each Governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months:
    • Their full names, date of appointment, term of office, date they stepped down (where applicable), who appointed them (in accordance with the Trinity School Instrument of Government).
  • Relevant business and pecuniary interests (as recorded in the register of interests) including:
    • Governance roles in other educational institutions;
    • Any material interests arising from relationships between Governors or relationships between Governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives);
    • Their attendance record at Governing Body and Committee meetings over the last academic year.
  • The Governing Body will also publish this information for any Associate Members, making clear whether they have voting rights on any of the committees to which they have been appointed.
  • The Governing Body will make it clear in their Code of Conduct that this information will be published on their Governors and any Associate Members. Any Governor failing to provide information to enable the Governing Body to fulfil their responsibilities may be in breach of the Code of Conduct and as a result be bringing the Governing Body into disrepute. In such cases the Governing Body may consider suspending the Governor.

The Register of Interests of the Governing Body of Trinity School

It is a statutory requirement that the Governing Body of Trinity School, a state-maintained school, is required to publish a Register of Interests on the school website, according to statutory guidance (The Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools, March 2015).

Declarations of interest will include:

  • Any association with individuals, businesses, contractors, directorships, or shareholdings in any organisation that may provide goods or services to the school.
  • Association with persons such as parent, spouse, co-habitee, child or business partners where influence could be brought to bear needs to be declared.

For information on the governors and their interests please see the following:

List of Governors

Chair of Governors: Mr Christopher Snelson (11/08/2020)
Vice-Chair of Governors: Maria McCaffery (22/09/2020)

Co-opted Governors

Mr James Knight (10/12/2018)
Mr James Sinnott (10/12/2018)

Foundation Governors (Appointed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham)

Mrs Marie-Claire Barker (16/03/2019)
Mrs Amanda Brougham (12/08/2019)
Mr Joe Cannon (26/10/2019)
Mrs Jean Feely (15/04/2022)
Mr Michael Barker (29/09/2020)

Headteacher Governor

Mr Chris Gabbett (31/08/2020)

Local Authority Governors (Appointed by Warwickshire Local Authority)

Mr John Durrant (07/12/2020)

Parent Governors

Mr Richard Knee (08/03/2020)
Mrs Edel McFadden (11/12/2020)

Elected Teacher and Staff Governors

Ms Sarah Baggott (14/01/2019)


If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please use the ‘Contact’ page and state who your message is for. Alternatively contact us via post to:

Chair of Governors c/o Ms Angela Carr (Clerk)
Governor Support Service
Coventry City Council
Civic Centre 3, 3rd Floor
Earl Street