Peter’s Place

Peter’s Place belongs to Trinity Catholic School and meets the needs of learners who have complex communication and social interaction difficulties. It was established as a partnership with Warwickshire County Council as part of a local approach to inclusion in 2016.

Trinity Catholic School’s mission statement commits the school to supporting the common good. Enriched by this and our whole school ethos Peter’s Place values individual difference and fosters positive social attitudes of mutual respect and sensitivity to the needs of others. The teachers support individual learners to feel emotionally secure, able to form relationships and to develop positive self-esteem so they can be ready to learn.

Students will learn to become independent, productive and responsible members of Peter’s Place and of the wider school community. They will be able to reach their full emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual potential.

“But each”… has their “own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.” (1 Cor.7:7b)

  • offers a personalised mainstream curriculum that can respond creatively and flexibly to the individual strengths and difficulties of each learner, keeping their needs and views at its core.
  • offers a safe, nurturing environment that responds to the social communication and interaction needs of its learners.
  • offers an autism-friendly and sensory-friendly space that promotes learning for all its pupils.
  • recognises and values the importance of our partnerships with families and the wider school community and aims to create an environment that is welcoming to all.

“It is ineffective and unfair for the school to treat all children the same… In order to really treat children equally, one has to treat them differently.” (Prof. Rita Jordan in 2010)

Applications for Peter’s Place are via the county panel for admission to specialist SEND provision.